Acceptance of Terms of Use Agreement:

The given agreement is an electronic contract that lists out the legally binding terms of the use of ‘Just Debate’ and your membership of the website. The given agreement can be changed, with or without notice, and the terms include ‘Just Debate’ privacy policy, content posted, and the code of conduct to be followed. In order to access the services on ‘Just Debate’ you must agree to the terms, conditions, and other references contained within this page. .


By using the services on ‘Just Debate’, you agree to the following references;

  1. The information submitted by you for registration is accurate and to the best of your knowledge
  2. The accuracy will be maintained if the information is updated or modified by you in future
  3. For the ones who have not turned 18, we recommend using the services of ‘Just Debate’ under the protection and supervision of a guardian.
  4. As a user, you do not violate any local, state, or national law and regulation by accessing the services of ‘Just Debate’.
  5. ‘Just Debate’ reserves the right to terminate your membership without any warning or prior notices in case of any inconsistencies found pertaining to our terms and conditions.

Duration of Term

User reserves the right to terminate his or her membership anytime without the consent or permission of ‘Just Debate’. Also, the website reserves the right to terminate the user membership as and when it feels necessary or in a situation where the laws of the website have been violated.

Content Posted Online:

Here are the terms and conditions pertaining to the content posted on our website.

  1. Users cannot create more than one account.
  2. Users cannot share derivative or licensed content on the website without proper permissions from the owner. Website won’t be held accountable in case violation of content occurs by any user on ‘Just Debate’.
  3. Users cannot upload, share, distribute, copy, circulate, or discuss content that qualifies under the category of unlawful, obscene, defamatory, hateful, harmful, harassing, pornographic, threatening, radically or ethnically offensive, abusive, or if violates other person’s right, encourages anti-national, criminal, or communal acts, and is inappropriate in any form, text or graphic.
  4. Users cannot circulate content that qualifies under the category of ‘junk’, ‘spam’, ‘chain letters’, ‘pyramid schemes’, or ‘unsolicited advertising’. The number of emails sent by a user to any users can be monitored and controlled by ‘Just Debate’ if any suspicious activity is detected.
  5. Users cannot circulate content that contains or embodies software programs that are harmful, such as viruses, Trojan horses, bugs, or any other malicious computer code that can disrupt, destroy, and render useless the functioning of an application, hardware, technical equipment, and cause grievances to any user.
  6. Users are responsible for the security of their login credentials are requested not to share it with any third-party.
  7. Users cannot impersonate any person, entity, organization, or ethnic group without prior permission to represent that specific group.
  8. Users cannot access the services of ‘Just Debate’ from any other platform unless specified by ‘Just Debate’.
  9. Users cannot interfere or disrupt the service or servers that are integral to the functioning of ‘Just Debate’.
  10. Users cannot use the website to artificially generate traffic or page links to a website that has been created for personal uses.
  11. Users cannot collect information that violates the privacy of any other user for any purpose, personal or professional.
  12. Users cannot create works that are derivative, representing, or modified based on ‘Just Debate’, in service of in whole part.
  13. Users won’t interfere with any security related feature of ‘Just Debate’.
  14. Any portion of ‘Just Debate’ cannot be used to rent, licensed, sub-licensed, transfer, sell, trade, exploit, or trade by any user for personal or commercial uses.
  15. Users cannot ‘harass’ or ‘stalk’ any user or organization simultaneously availing the services of ‘Just Debate’.
  16. Users cannot circulate content that exploits anyone under the age of 18 in a violent or sexual manner.
  17. Users cannot share the information posted on ‘Just Debate’ to any organization designated by the government of United Kingdom as a foreign terrorist organization.
  18. Users cannot create content that encourages, motivates, or leads to the violation of our terms and conditions.
  19. Users cannot use swear words.
  20. Users cannot indulge in personal attacks that end up demeaning some user, entity, or organization.
  21. Users must strictly prohibit themselves from using phrases that qualify under the category of ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, or ‘communal’.
  22. Users cannot threaten someone based on their opinion.

Content Posted on ‘Just Debate’:

The content posted on ‘Just Debate’ by any user, entity, or organization can be used by the website to circulate on any forums, portals, websites, or digital platforms without any prior notice.

Member Disputes:

Users availing the services of ‘Just Debate’ are solely responsible for any dispute that occurs during the course of their interaction with other users. The website can monitor the dispute and take action if it violates any of the regulations listed in the 4th point (scroll up), but cannot be forced into taking legal action by any of the participating users in the dispute.

Service disruption and Maintenance:

‘Just Debate’ might be unavailable to users as it must go maintenance from time to time. The schedule won’t be discussed with the users in advance and the website won’t be responsible for any data losses that occur due to the same.

Content inaccuracy:

‘Just Debate’ is not responsible for any event, incident, or happening that occurs as a result of the inaccurate information posted on ‘Just Debate’. Users must exercise caution while using the information posted by users on the website if they intend to make any personal or commercial use of it.

Users are advised to regularly check this page for updates, modifications, or additions to the terms and conditions of ‘Just Debate’.

For any grievances, users can get in touch with us on the following email ID:contact@justdebate.co.uk