Privacy Policy - Just Debate


About the information we collect:

‘Just Debate’ is an online debating service, and it encourages users to voice their opinions through the profiles they create. There is also a ‘ratio of disagreement’ with other users. ‘Just Debate’ requires certain personal information for the creation of profiles. These include username, gender, age, ethnic background, appearance, religion, occupation, preference, and other lifestyle information. The private information would be secured by ‘Just Debate’, and is optional to fill in most cases. The public information would be visible to other users and visitors.

Operational Communications:

‘Just Debate’ will utilize your information in order to carry out site operations, which also includes communication over the email about our products, events, and other updates you have subscribed to. Also known as ‘Operational Communications’, these can contain commercial messages, banned ads, newsletters, information, special offers, and promotional content. By availing the services of ‘Just Debate’, you agree to subscribe to the ‘Operational Communications’ carried out by the website.

We hate Spam:

However, the ‘Operational Communications’ listed above would not carry out any activity that qualifies under the category of spamming. Users can rest assured that their inbox won’t be flooded with any spam emails from ‘Just Debate’

Private Information:

The private information collected during the profile registration process would remain confidential and not be shared or traded with any third-party. However, in case of merger, take-over, the information would then be passed on to the resultant entity that will then be ‘Just Debate’.

IP Address:

It is common for websites to use cookies these days for better understanding of user satisfaction and other important analytics. However, this doesn’t breach your privacy in any manner. We store your IP address through which you avail the services of ‘Just Debate’; however, these aren’t linked to any information that can be used to personally identify a person, group, or organization.

Changes in our Privacy Policy

We request you to visit the page regularly in order to acquaint yourself with any updates, modifications, or additions made to our privacy policy. Please write to us at the following email address: in case of any query.